Connecticut’s Secular Resources

Welcome to Connecticut’s Secular Resources page. We’re in the process of building this page out so be patient with us while we expand it. On this page you’ll find listings for various secular resources with an emphasis on local Connecticut Resources followed by resources available for your needs that can be found at the national level.

Connecticut Humanist Celebrants
Humanist Celebrants are the “clergy” of the Humanist Society, providing leadership, moral guidance, rites of passage, and life celebration services to humanists. We can help you celebrate/mark the Cirle of Life events:

  • Baby Naming/New Life celebrations
  • Coming of Age celebrations
  • Invocations
  • Weddings
  • Recommitment ceremonies
  • Divorce ceremonies
  • Wisdom celebrations
  • Funerals/Memorials – for additional support visit Grief Beyond Belief
  • etc.

SMART Recovery CT
The Connecticut Coalition of Reason endorses the scientifically based SMART Recovery program to help individuals recover from all types of addictive behaviors, including: alcoholism, drug abuse, substance abuse, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, gambling addiction, cocaine addiction, and addiction to other substances and activities. Some of our members lead these groups.