Darwin Day 2018 in Connecticut was YUGE!

Thanks to the hard work of our friends at the American Humanist Association, Connecticut Senator Blumenthal and Connecticut Congressman Himes have sponsored resolutions in the House and Senate calling for the recognition of February 12th as Darwin Day again this year. In addition the Secular Coalition for American helped our friends over at the Secular Coalition for Connecticut work with Governor Malloy’s office to secure a Darwin Day proclamation at the state level for the first time.

Connecticut is known for it’s celebrations of Darwin Day. Representative Himes and Senator Blumenthal have been sponsoring resolutions at the national level for years now; and the Southern Connecticut Darwin Day committee celebrated the tenth year of it amazing event. This year, the American Humanist Association generously sponsored our first annual Darwin Day North event at the Connecticut Science Center located in downtown Hartford, Connecticut’s State Capitol.

Darwin Day is an inclusive celebration of science and reason focusing on the betterment of humanity. We’ll let the pictures do the talking…

The CT Science Center schedule of events

UConn Professor Kenneth Noll, impersonating Darwin, interacts with one of dozens of youngsters at the CT Science Center

Birthday cake for Darwin!

Darwin and fans in front of the Art Truck’s craft table where youngsters made finches.

Darwin and his fans in the lecture hall where we heard Darwin himself talk about “What is a species?”

Senator Blumenthal addresses the crowd

Pat McCann talks about Connecticut’s first state-wide Darwin Day proclamation!

Representative Himes addresses the crowd

The crowd

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