Governor Malloy Disappoints CT’s Secular Constituents on Darwin Day

Connecticut’s secular community was hoping for a perfect trifecta of political courage and intellectual integrity while waiting to see if the Governor would act on the proclamation request submitted by the CT Coalition of Reason in January.  On January 26th representative Jim Himes (CT-4) sponsored the House Darwin Day resolution, HR67, which was cosponsored by representative Rosa Delauro (CT-3).  Then on Februrary 5th Senator Blumenthal sponsored the Senate Darwin Day resolution, SR66.  It seemed to be only a matter of time before Governor Dannel P. Malloy would issue a Darwin Day proclamation for CT (like his peer from Delaware) and create that trifecta for CT. 

Alas, those hopes were dashed today when a staffer notified CT Coalition of Reason co-chair, Pat McCann, that the Governor’s office was refusing the proclamation request on a technicality.  “We’ll just have to try again next year,” McCann said.  “Luckily Senator Blumenthal and Representatives Himes and DeLauro will still be in office. So the trifecta is still a possibility!” he added.