The Yale Humanist Community begins hosting Humanist Havens

Are you looking to connect with others, find support, and participate in a community?  Do you want a place where you can explore what makes for a meaningful life and how to help others along the way?  The Yale Humanist Community (YHC) encourages you to join them on the second Sunday of each month for Humanist Haven, a nonreligious gathering to celebrate life’s joys and reflect on its challenges, hosted in the Clubhouse at The Grove in New Haven (  Together we’ll reflect, wonder, celebrate, and work to make the world better.

The first Humanist Haven speaker was YHC’s Faculty Adviser Dr. Laurie Santos, associate professor of psychology at Yale University and director of Yale’s Comparative Cognition Laboratory.  Dr. Santos talked about what cognitive science research tells us about how to live a happier, more rational life with practical, empirically-informed tips for how to live better.

The Yale Humanist Community is also excited to announce that future Humanist Haven speakers include: Conor Robinson and Wendy Webber, who just got back from a year of service around the world, in October–and Michael De Dora, President of UN Religious Freedom Committee, in December.