Godless Constituents Converge on Connecticut Capitol

Media Advisory


Connecticut’s 1st Secular Advocacy Day at the Legislative Office Building and the State Capitol.


Monday March 13 beginning at 9 am at the Legislative Office Building, Private Dining Room.  Remarks by Secular Coalition for Connecticut Chair Patrick McCann will occur at 9:30, followed by Coalition members Cary Shaw, Stan Greenberg, and Luther Weeks discussing the legislative bills supported by the Coalition. Any state representatives and senators (all are invited) who wish to say a few words are welcome to do so.


The Secular Coalition for Connecticut is a state chapter of the Secular Coalition for America. The purpose of the Secular Coalition for Connecticut is to amplify the voice of the non-theists community in our state.


The Coalition is sponsoring Secular Advocacy Day to allow secularists from around the State to learn issue advocacy and participate in the legislative process. The 1st Secular Advocacy Day will bring together Coalition members to urge their representatives and senators to support the Coalition’s endorsed bills currently pending in this 2017 legislative session:

  • SB-939, The Patient’s Right to Know Act
  • HB-6024, An Act Concerning Aid in Dying for Terminally Ill Patients
  • SB-740, An Act Concerning the Form of Oaths

Following the breakfast, members will attend a citizen’s lobbying training at the Capitol Building, and then fan out throughout the LOB and Capitol to meet their representatives and senators and urge their support for the bills.


For further information contact Secular Coalition for Connecticut Chair Patrick McCann at:  [email protected] or 860-704-9003.

Twitter: @SecularCT

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Secular-Coalition-for-Connecticut-185961478196975/

Web: ct.secular.org