Yale Humanist Community Project is in Need of Support

During the winter holiday season as the days are dark, dreary, and oh so short here in New England, the prospect of sharing warmth, light, and community is more than just welcome… it is essential.  So the Yale Humanist Community is working on a project to bring an original, interactive sculpture to the community, to be displayed on the New Haven Green during the darkest and coldest months of the year.  The purpose of the sculpture is to enhance the luster of the seasonal display on the Green, create a focal point for congregation and connection, and express the commitment to the well-being of the people who inhabit our city, nation, and world.

This original, interactive sculpture’s annual presence will serve as an inclusive, welcoming reminder that when people of all beliefs and backgrounds come together, they can create beauty, light, and warmth during even the coldest and darkest time of the year.  The sculpture will be reminiscent of a lighthouse and adorned with silhouette images representing various facets of community—will stand 15 feet high and be visible from all sides of the Green.  As individuals gather near, the light will change and grow warmer.  Once enough people surround the sculpture the light will begin to pulse like a heartbeat, reminding us of our shared humanity.  The sculpture will also house a time capsule filled with words of wisdom and well wishes for humanity from perhaps thousands of members of the Greater New Haven community, connecting community across time.  The time capsule will be opened in the year 2138 to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the founding of New Haven, CT.

Unfortunately, the project is falling short of its goal to be able to cover the costs of the materials with only a week to go in its first online crowd-funding campaign (click here).  Chris Stedman, Executive Director of the Yale Humanist Community, was optimistic however.  He said, the YHC has plans to continue the effort and “No matter what, we’re moving forward with this one way or another!!”

Please consider supporting this first of a kind secular holiday display.  Who knows, perhaps you will be supporting a amazing new trend.